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Kelowna, BC, Canada
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It is my philosophy that fitness be a lifestyle, not just an activity. To get fit and stay healthy requires a personal effort, a personal program, proper eating habits and a positive mind. What you believe about yourself is a vital part in achieving your fitness goals! I want to consider all the obstacles that may keep you from healthy living, including your state of mind. Sometimes the hardest weight to lose is the emotional and mental kind.  

I have spent many years as a clinical therapist, and although my aim is not to provide personal counselling to my fitness clients, I do think that my expertise in the psychological arena will only serve to aid my clients in reaching their full potential. I have a Master of Arts in Counselling, and an undergrad in Religious Studies from Ambrose University. I started my journey towards becoming a Certified Personal Trainer in January 2008. I have attained certification in the following areas: MA Counselling/Psychology CFES Fitness Knowledge CFES Weight Training Instructor Course, Level 1 BCRPA Personal Training Course CFES Group Exercise Instructor Course Current CPR Certificate Current First Aid Certificate Current Mental Health First Aid Certificate (**NEW) Postural Alignment and Exercise Prescription Currently enrolled as a Precision Nutrition Student –PN1  

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Susan Kroesche
11 months ago
Just did your 60 minute legs and butt workout! So much fun, and you had me cracking up! I am pushing 50, menopausal, am trying to stay fit during Covid19, while fighting mother nature and brutal genes! Thanks for your help!