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Fun Fat Burning Pilates Fitness Tone & Endurance Workout at Home
22 min
Level: medium
This fun fat burning video is Pilates fitness infused, an energetic, strong flow, low impact and low rep, using loop bands to increase intensity. ✅ You need :1 Mat 2 Loop bands : 1 light, 1 medium - strong resistance ⭐ For : Intermediate 🎯 Focus : Endurance Pilates Fitness Fusion : Butt, lower body, abs, upper body : Strength, Stability, Core, ControlThis flow starts at a moderate pace targeting the upper body, shoulders, arms and chest. You will then work into a gentle cardio session to pick the heart rate up while focusing on breath and technique. From there you will hit the mat and find out just how effective planks are to build lean muscle tone while burning calories, not to mention while targeting the full body : arms, shoulders, back, obliques, abs, core, pelvic floor, glutes (butt), and legs. Add a loop band and the fun gets better ! Energy UP, this is a fun one ! Have fun and remember if you want more, come back as many times as you like and repeat. Repetition and practice is what makes us stronger and helps us achieve our fitness goals !