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Standing Pilates Chair at Home for Endurance & Core Strength, Sequel 1
21 min
Level: easy
This video is a Pilates Fitness fusion workout that will get your heart pumping and your blood circulating. You will feel more energized! ✅ You need : 1 Mat 1 Household chair ⭐ For : Intermediate 🎯 Focus : Full body : Endurance, Strength, Stability, Core, Control You will use a common household chair and your mat. This is a full body workout that will have you on your feet standing the entire time. You will find fun ways of how to use a chair that you never thought of before. You will work ALL sides, side body, back body, front body. This is about long lines, creating space in the spine, reinforcing strong and good posture, strengthening your abs and core muscles while elongating your legs, lifting your back and head and opening the chest. Your hip strength and flexibility will be challenged as well as your upper body and shoulder strength… triceps, glutes, hip flexors, lateral lines : adductors and abductors, abs, core and back strength and you will work your balance and proprioception. A dynamic workout today using Pilates principles in a fitness inspired workout. Have fun and remember if you want more, come back as many times as you like and repeat. Repetition and practice is what makes us stronger and helps us achieve our fitness goals !