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Small Ball Workout for Core Stability Warm Up Preview
19 min
Level: easy
This 18 minute SMALL BALL WORKOUT Preview for CORE WARM UP is all you need before hitting your cardio workout! It’s also a great travel workout! I always travel with a prop; this ball is easy to deflate and inflate on the go & will add so much to your CORE power. Ready? Let’s go !✅ You need :1 Mat 1 small stability ball ⭐ For : Beginner/Intermediate 🎯 Focus : ABS, Glutes, FullbodyThis is the perfect on-the-go travel workout, morning wake up, or warm up before hitting your cardio. Grab a small stability ball and we’ll use it’s feedback to challenge those deep stabilizing muscles around our spine, & get even more power from them! When you warm up this way before hitting your cardio, you are sure to have better form, be more efficient in your exertion, and prevent injury. Your diaphragm will be warmed up and you’ll find an even more efficient, power driving breath!?Grab your ball and meet me on the mat, let’s challenge our whole system!?‍♀Have fun and remember if you want more, come back as many times as you like and repeat. Repetition and practice is what makes us stronger and helps us achieve our fitness goals !??