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Espresso Workouts Stretch - Down Dog Split and Twist
11 min
Level: medium
Release and open your chest and your spine with this soft stretch flow. These yoga-inspired stretch and toning exercises will help you get back into your body after a long day of work or a big trip or simply when you need to stretch it all out. We release little nots in the connective tissue and creating new mobility in your whole body. Work your flexibility and mobility with this down dog split and twist yoga - inspired stretch routine: - Forward Fold - Low Lunge - Down Dog - Downward Facing Dog Split - Downward Facing Dog Twist - Cobra or Upward Facing Dog to your liking - Plank (a little core work) Work Your Flexibility and Balance with the Espresso Workout Stretch Series. This Training Series will work on your focus, coordination and range of motion. We will stretch and tone, while helping you to relax and actively recover. The Stretch Series is a low impact workout ideal for your morning wake up routine or to wind down and get stress out of your system in the evening. While stretching we will have time for exploration of the body and focusing of the mind. This is a home workout you can do anytime and anywhere. For your convenience a non slippery floor or sticky mat would be ideal. Take your training plan with you wherever you go! Helping you to get fit faster, easier and better! • Produced in• Bavaria, Germany • Music • Get two month extra for free: • Disclaimer • You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for your needs.