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35 Minute Cardio & Strength Circuit Training I Outdoor Workout for Home Fitness
36 min
Level: medium
35 Minute Cardio & Strength Circuit Training video recorded outdoors by 2FitnessLovers, Teija & Karl. The workout starts with a 3-minute warm-up session. The cardiovascular exercises are designed to increase your circulation and body temperature, bring the heart rate up and prepare us for the coming three rounds of the cardio circle. Let the real fun and sweating begin! Detailed Workout Description: This cardio workout contains eight exercise movement: 1. Running 2. X-Jumps 3. Mountain Climbers 4. Sumo Squat Jumps 5. Walk Push Up 6. Frogger 7. Plank To Push Up + 4 Steps 8. Rotation + Sit Ups. Warm Up 3 Minutes 1.Round 30s. 10s. breaks between 45 s. Set Break 2.Round 40s. 10s. breaks between 45 s. Set Break 3.Round 40s. 10s. breaks between Cool down & Stretch No equipment needed. You can do it everywhere! If you are a Beginner, I show you easier options to follow. Warm Up and Cool Down are included as well. I had a blast recording this workout video; I hope You enjoy the training as well! Let's have some fun! X Teija ADD, SHARE and COMMENT this workout video if you enjoyed watching it! All this is very helpful for us! We want to know which videos are valuable, exciting and motivating you! Thanks a lot! Have A Great Day And Enjoy Your Fit, Happy & Healthy Lifestyle!