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Improve Your Shoulder Strength I 20-Minute Dumbbell Home Workout with Music by 2fitnesslovers
21 min
Level: medium
Our 20-Minute Dumbbell Home Workout will strengthen your shoulders and improve the functional ability of your shoulders. You can do these exercises at home, all you need dumbbells. This workout is also suitable for the beginners and elderly folks. We are starting with a functional upper-body warm-up with a stick. Our special warm-up is improving mobility and flexibility. After a short warm-up, we start the actual dumbbell workout and we perform five sets : 1. Arnold dumbbell press 2*10 2. Dumbbell overhead press 2*10 3. Front raise, alternating 2*20 4. 90´degree lateral raise 2*12 5. Bent over dumbbell lateral raise 2*12 This workout is targeting your shoulders. We finish the training with short upper-body cooldown & stretch. Join my shoulder class, get stronger and have fun! Have a great day and enjoy your fit, healthy & happy life! Yours, Teija & Karl