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Back Stories | #11 Flat Back Variations
4 min
Level: easy
Having a little playtime with my dance and yoga teacher friend Diana. and this is what came out of it. An accessible (knee bend) version of the flat back exercises. Still challenging your hamstrings and your back muscles, but going a little bit easier on them so you can still walk the next day ;-) Try it out and let me know what you think! A whole new core series is in the making and will be available soon. Make sure to follow and stay tuned. Core principles in our Back Stories Series are: - lengthening rather than contracting - engaging the whole body from the heel to the crown of the head - pulling the shoulder blades down and towards the spine - as I call it - tips of the shoulder blades kissing - putting the shoulder girdle back in place by pulling the elbows out of the shoulder (just imagining) - strong anchors in heel, tail bone and sitting bones - free spine, neck and head - open wings (arms) As always we mobilize and stretch as well as strengthen our spine and shoulder girdle. You will tone your hips and glutes and be more at ease to stand proud and tall. In Back Stories we take care of our neck, shoulders and back and practice self-love. We use work in extension and outward rotation to create length and space. The neck, back and shoulders open and release tension to gain more freedom. We increase mobility and range of motion. All Back Stories workouts can be practiced without any need of equipment. I recommend using a soft floor, carpet or sticky mat for cushioning. This is a home workout you can do anytime and anywhere. Take your training plan with you wherever you go! Helping you to get fit faster, easier and better! ► Get closer to the action! Unique inspiration and motivational content with previews, making offs, prep work and take outs from our filming sessions as well as my own workouts and health lifestyle. Patreons get to choose which content stays exclusive on Patreon! Join now: ► Catch the full workout programs and all updates here: ► A creator yourself? Download the exercise and training footage in 4K for your own projects here: -------------------------------------- • Produced in• Bavaria, Germany -------------------------------------- • Music • Get two month extra fro free: -------------------------------------- • My Social Links • More Workout inspiration on Instagram: -------------------------------------- • Disclaimer • You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for your needs. -------------------------------------- #jazzdance #flatback #dance