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Standing Corrective Works #1
25 min
Level: easy
Work your Balance and Warrior poses from the ground up. Improve your stance, alignment and core strength with functional Yoga and therapeutic Pilates. The Corrective Works Program follows the therapeutic concept of lengthening and strengthening of affected structures. Via lengthening the body will regain its suppleness and replace the collagen with more elastic tissue. We do this by stretching and opening passively and actively. The yoga and pilates exercises aim for greater ease in posture and body use, empowering the body to better respond to the demands we place upon it in everyday life. Key Benefits of the Corrective Works Program are: · Greater strength · More ease · Bigger range of motion and movement capabilities · Increased suppleness · Better adaptability to stress and changes in body and mind · Improved function of internal organs We move and strengthen to increase the blood flow and reduce pain and muscle spasms through better oxygen supply and discharge of waste products. The goal is to ensure the muscle can contract and release again. Ideally this is combined with (self-) massage work to open the fibres and allow better blood circulation in the affected areas. All active movement work will then contribute to realign the fibres and slowly replace the hardened tissue. -------------------------------------- My Social Links: Instagram: Facebook: Patreon: Website: Shutterstock: -------------------------------------- Music: -------------------------------------- Produced in: San Francisco, California, USA -------------------------------------- Edited in: Bavaria, Germany -------------------------------------- You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for your needs. -------------------------------------- #correctiveworks #yoga #pilates