Fundamental Series - Pilates Matwork Beginner Level - 45 Mins - Full Body Workout
44 min
Level: easy
This class is taught in the style of BASI Flow. This class is suitable if you are new to Pilates or would like to revisit the basic mat pilates series. If you are revisiting the mat series, basic doesn't mean this will be an easy class. I invite you to seek a deeper meaning of each exercise as if you are an avid practitioner. Enjoy the tension and release in your body, have a happy workout. The class starts with shoulder release exercises and lateral breathing and continues with fundamental mat pilates exercises:- Pelvic Curl- Supine Spine Twist- Leg Lifts- Chest lift- Hundred Prep- Single-Leg Circle- Roll Up- Rolling Like A Ball- Spine Stretch- Side Lift- Side-Lying Gluteal Series - Back Extension.
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Gail Smith
6 months ago
This was my first pilates class - easy to follow. i may do it again before moving on. what second class would you suggest for a true beginner?
Mira Hassan
Studio owner
Hi Gal, I have jsut added two more workotus for you to try. I would start with the pre Pilates to help you to in body the basics and then move onto the stress relief video. If you would like more videos I have a Youtube named Flow with Mira. Thanks for watching!